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App Lock APK download new latest version 2021. App lock is the app which was also develop for the your own security .app lock is a light weight app that was the latest looks almost any type of the your files of the android the basic feature looks you lock your files or uninstall so the nobody can access them .in the app lock you can also lock everything of your mobile even photos “videos and the contact and the messages.

App lock apk

The app lock is work in a very simple way to using this  app 1st you have to create your password or the pattern lock of this app .if you want to protect to your application videos and the photos to unlock for you that you will set your  password .the app lock of the moment which app and the videos are open then its need password at the every time you will insert your password you have defined  .


App lock APK  File detail:

Version Android 4,3 or the above
Total Downloads 9,00000
size App 2 MB
Last Updated 1 day  ago

App lock  is the app which was also develop for the your own security .app lock is a light weight app that was the latest looks almost any type of the your files of the android the basic feature looks you lock your files or uninstall so the nobody can access them .

App lock APK New latest Free Download


if the some one will try to uninstall this app the window will not working to uninstalling this app this will require the password to uninstalling this app the best thing about of this that you can hidden even this app icon of the this app lock that the nobody about the this app and also about unknown that you installed the app lock I your device. They will if it asks them to insert the corresponding the passwords.


Location of device WIFI Connection is recommend
Access  Contacts Access to Gallery
Identity Device I Access External Storage

Feature of the app lock:

  • Photo vault which will keep some special photo in the virtual safe .only you will open this
  • Automatic according to the time or the location you will lock /unlock.
  • Switch on the status bar quick lock ,you can exit so on
  • Prevent from the other people you must also set the different profile to lock of the some important app, also the random keyboard.
  • You can also put the fake cover like the fingerprint scanner of to the force closed on the apps to confuse the people who is try to unlock your mobile app.
  • Don’t worry about the friend borrow your phone to the plying games with the data
  • Don not worry about  to someone are read  your reads private in the your mobile
  • Don’t worry about to the parent will check the your mobile that you will use the which the application by the this app feature.
  • Don not worry about your gallery picture who cannot seen your gallery about the what type of the picture or the your personal picture
  • Don not worry about your child that will send wrong message to the people or the your friend and they will not plying the game in your mobile .only you can use your mobile
  • Well designed theme that you will select the themes by the your feeling
  • Lock every app with the password
  • No one see your history record that you will using the internet or the browser
  • Log in the multiple account in your mobile to by the private SNS
  • Who will try to opening your gallery or other app that take the photo of the invader who try to opening
  • Select the favorites picture to customized to the background
  • Set the different locked app groups to you will customized to your profile
  • You will lock or the unlock according to the time.
  • Also You will also hide your app lock I cone
  • will you also prevent to  added by the random keyboard
  • Force stopped by the cover
  • Wifi Bluetooth and the snyic to added the switch lock
  • Disable or the enable app lock on the one top
  • Unlock or the lock by the notification bar
  • Locking the system setting to prevent a mess by the kids
  • Power saving of battery mode
  • Use by the low memory
  • Uninstalling apps will be prevent
  • Unlock or the auto lock by the location it is also amazing feature of the app lock

How to change the app lock password?

1st open the app lock to the protect the unlock setting.

How to open hidden App Lock  app?

Download the latest version of the app lock you will also hide the app lock I cone in the your mobile by downloading the latest version most feature are added.

Gallery lock hidden pic:

You can also open your gallery and choose the personal image to the lock and hidden it from the your gallery.

Widgets are added to your home screen:

Long   press of the your home screen and find the app lock widget to added your home screen

And open the app  to added the your home screen.

Dial pad added to app lock for the secret calls:

Enter the*#*#12345#*#* to your dial paid you will also hide your personal contact of the your mobile .

Browser hide:

Open the app lock and added the browser in your app lock app that your will hide your browsing history from the every one.

How to stop uninstalling App Lock?

If you want to uninstalling the app lock you will 1st you will  disable the    protection security from your setting  after these you will copy your personal data form the app lock to your mobile devices. After this process you can also uninstall the app lock .Otherwise nobody will uninstall the app lock app.

Forgot my password, of the app lock How to find it?

When you open the app lock you will also the app lock will need your g mail you will give the g mail and when you forgot your password you will also recover your password by the

How to download the App lock :

Download and install

Download:  Now download the app lock  you will want to protect to mobile

Install; After download the app lock you will install the file of the app lock .now you will install this app to added your mobile:

Final Words:

I Will also hope that you will like the app of the app lock latest new version .App lock  is a additional Suplly of the identical security and the plan of the app lock .As the result you will also want the more much executed and the more extra feature than put the app lock app on the your mobile .i will hope you will enjoy this post .You should review under by the giving star of the app you will be believe that the app lock is the latest version and you will be enjoy with these feature of this app .

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