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Philo MOD APK v6.13.1-174325 (Premium Live TV)
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gameGame NamePhilo: Live and On-Demand TV
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Game versionLatest Versionv6.13.1-174325
modded featuresMOD Features(Premium Live TV)
updated onLast Updated on27 December 2023
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Introduction: Philo MOD APK (Live, Premium Unlocked)

Are you looking for a way to take the enjoyment experience to new heights? The Philo Mod APK initiative has had an immense effect on the video streaming business as well as content accessibility. This article examines Philo Mod APK download in depth, showcasing its major features and explaining the processes for acquiring and installing the application on a mobile device.


The programming provides a wide variety of television channels that may be seen on mobile devices in high definition quality. Furthermore, offline functionality is an important element of the most recent Philo software version 6.13.1-174325, which is extensively featured. Users can use the program to save videos, then retrieve and watch them within 365 days. Users can store their favorite’s movies for up to a year with the program. The prior occurrence was equally surprising and exciting. This is undeniably correct. People can now access and download the most recent version, namely latest version , in order to successfully use and take advantage of the Philo APK’s vast variety of capabilities.

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What is Philo MOD APK?

Philo apk is an online streaming service that requires a subscription that provides its consumers with a wide range of television channels. The Philo Mod Apk gives users access to live television broadcasts, on-demand movies, and the opportunity to record shows for later viewing. To gain access to the full range of services provided by Philo TV, a membership is required, which may be somewhat expensive. Fortunately, the use of the Philo hacked apk may be able to resolve this issue.

The Philo APK is an unlocked and modified version of the official Philo TV software. The service does not require membership and provides unlimited access to live television, on-demand media, and premium channels. This page presents an overview of the Philo Mod Apk distinctive features.

Features of Philo Tv APK

Philo mod apk Listed 70+ channels

Philo APK offers a comprehensive selection of channels for users to enjoy. A wide range of channels are available, encompassing numerous categories such as entertainment, cartoons, culinary, discovery, animal documentaries, and weather predictions, among others. We will now present a compilation of several prominent channels:

  • Discovery Life
  • BBC News World
  • BBC America
  • Food Network
  • Game Show network
  • Lifetime
  • Accu Weather Network
  • Animal Planet
  • HGTV
  • MTV

This program provides a variety of channels, each with a large choice of content for users to enjoy. There are extra channels that have not been listed above and can be found on the Philo MOD APK official website. A total of 19 channels are available for unrestricted viewing without the need for a subscription, allowing viewers to access their individual material. It is worth noting that Philo TV allows you to access content without paying, which is a remarkable feature.

Parental Control over Profiles

One useful feature is the option to restrict the profiles of one’s offspring. Each profile’s settings can be changed independently, giving you complete control over the accessibility of certain applications on that profile.

When considering the concept of unique profiles for individual children, it is important to realize that Philo TV can generate up to ten profiles while using a single subscription. Each profile can be configured independently. A single account with ten displays is shared among ten people, allowing each user to personalize their account settings based on their preferences.

Cloud DVR: Flexible Recording and Storage for Your Favorite Shows

Many streaming companies offer a “cloud DVR” option that lets users record and store their favorite TV shows, movies, and other content in the cloud instead of utilizing boxes. Also called a “cloud-based digital video recorder.”

If time is tight, one can still watch favorite shows without being glued to the TV. Philo mod apk lets customers record shows for later viewing. Servers hold long programs, so users can record and save an unlimited number of them. Stop, rewind, and fast-forward are useful when watching recorded TV.

Avail Free Trial for 7 Days

After reading the preceding article, thoroughly examining the array of services offered on our website, and thoroughly reviewing the comprehensive information pertaining to Philo TV, it is possible to obtain complimentary access to Philo TV by registering and taking advantage of a 7-day trial period. Following the trial time, users have the option of purchasing a monthly subscription for $25, obtaining access to a wide selection of premium services. Friends and family members can access the account.

Philo MOD APK All Sorts of Subscriptions

Philo TV provides customers with a selection of four distinct deals to choose from. The following four items are enumerated below:

  • A $25 subscription with 71 channels.
  • A $9 subscription for three Straz channels.
  • A $6 MGM+ subscription per month.
  • A $3 Movies & More subscription with four more channels.

There are a total of fifteen channels available for viewing at no cost. Users can stream material without being required to subscribe to any certain bundle or subscription.

Accessibility on All Devices

The Philo APK increases its versatility by making it compatible with a broader number of systems. To access and view entertainment content, one can easily switch between many screens, such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, and streaming devices. Philo TV supports simultaneous streaming on up to three devices, allowing viewers to watch their favorite television shows on several platforms.

Furthermore, the Philo TV APK and Philo TV MOD APK can be downloaded and installed on iOS, Android, and desktop PCs. The following post will walk you through the process of installing and Download Philo Tv MOD APK on all three major operating systems.

Overview Philo MOD APK

The Philo is an updated version of the well-known Philo application that was developed to give users unrestricted access to a substantial library of high-quality content without the requirement of paying a subscription fee. This upgraded edition enables customer’s access to a massive number of television shows, films, and additional content, which provides a varied range of entertainment options without any clear limits. Philo TV APK gives users access to a wide selection of content, including live TV, sports, and on-demand programming, to cater to their individual preferences.

Philo MOD APK Features

More than 70 channel

The application provides a large number of cable network channels, in excess of 70. A&E, AccuWeather Network, AMC, and American Heroes Channel are among the major channels offered. There are several types of channels, such as news, lifestyle documentaries, movies, and so on. This application supports live streaming functionality, allowing you to stream 70 different channels. People from all around the world actively participate in streaming platforms and express their preferences for specific content. The app has a function that allows users to convert their favorite television shows or other forms of media into their local language.

Free Trial Philo MOD APK

This software offers both free and premium versions. The first week of service for new customers is completely free. During this time, they can test out the service at no cost. For 15 days, students have unrestricted access to the site’s course materials. The premium plan will be automatically renewed unless you cancel before to the end of the current term.

Unlimited DVR

The most remarkable feature of this program is its huge storage capacity, which removes any quantity constraints.

Philo TV

Furthermore, the DVR functionality allows customers to save their favorite television shows in high-definition format, allowing for later viewing. The recordings are saved on the organization’s server, allowing for universal access from any place.

Support multiple devices

This app is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. Tablets, smartphones, and other suitable devices can be used simultaneously to watch videos, channels, and shows of choice. Using a network of separate devices, you may simultaneously broadcast to three displays.

Profile creation

After completing the Philo mod apk registration process, users have the option of creating up to ten profiles inside a single account. These profiles can be modified with unique credentials, allowing users to distinguish between them. Among other things, the opportunity to share these profiles with others is made available. You have complete access to the ten profiles listed below.

On-Demand Shows and Movies

The program offers a diverse selection of television shows and films that can be viewed at any time via numerous channels. Users can access their preferred content, including TV shows, from any location. Furthermore, with account management capabilities, this application gives customers complete control over their viewing experience.

User-Friendly Interface

The application has a simple user interface that allows all users to understand its many interfaces. Furthermore, customers may quickly access and search for their favorite television shows or movie channels from any year.

Support Different video resolutions

The application contains a video collection and provides several video resolution options. Individuals can select any choice depending on their access to the internet rate.

Download Philo MOD APK

Starting to utilize Philo APK is a simple and easy approach. The steps below will walk you through the process of installing and downloading the app on an Android device.

  • Enabling “Unknown Sources”: In order to install programs from sources other than the official app store, you must enable the “Unknown Sources” option in your smartphone’s settings. Go to the “Settings” menu, then to the “Security” section. Locate the “Unknown Sources” option and turn it on by toggling the switch to the “on” position.
  • The purchase of the Philo APK is desired. Obtain the Philo mod APK download from a trustworthy source. To fully benefit from the most recent features and content, check that the version being used is the most recent version available.
  • It is recommended that you install Philo Mod APK. Please open the downloaded APK file on your smartphone and touch on it to begin the installation process.
  • Please follow the steps shown on the screen. Please follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process properly. The approach is distinguished by its simplicity and efficiency, needing minimal time to execute.
  • Begin and Delight: After successful installation, begin activating Philo APK, launching an immersive adventure into a surpassing sphere of enjoyment.

Philo MOD APK Gameplay Experience

Users of the Philo tv apk enjoy a smooth and engaging gameplay experience that captivates and engrosses them. People can tailor their entertainment options to suit their particular preferences by using live television streaming services and gaining access to a wide variety of on-demand content. The tastes of binge-watchers and sports fans are both catered for by this newly built program.

Unraveling the Story

Despite not fitting the traditional definition of a game, Philo APK is an engaging story that has endless enjoyment potential. The story it creates is one of accessibility and simplicity, with the user playing the protagonist and being able to enjoy premium content without being constrained by subscriptions.

Graphics and Sound

Philo mod APK places more of a focus on providing excellent content than on including cutting-edge graphics and music effects. Expect a user-friendly interface that is aesthetically pleasing and facilitates seamless navigation, improving the experience of exploring material overall. High-quality audio fidelity ensures that one can watch their preferred television shows and networks without interruption.

Compatibility and Updates

The Philo is compatible with a wide range of smartphones and tablets because it is primarily designed for Android devices. It is advised to keep an eye out for updates released by reliable sources if one wants to maximize their experience. Downloading the most recent version is advised if you want to take advantage of the new features and improved stability.

Safety and Security

Although the Philo mod APK provides free access to premium material, it is critical to use caution when downloading and installing the program. It is best to rely on trustworthy sources to minimize potential security issues. It is also recommended to temporarily allow the “Unknown Sources” setting to speed up the application installation. However, once installed, it should be turned off as a precaution to increase security.

Community and Support

Join online forums and communities to communicate with other Philo tv users and gain access to the latest developments, updates, and fixes for technical problems. Even if the application itself might not offer official support, the community could be a helpful source for finding assistance.

What’s New in Philo MOD APK?

The Philo Mod APK is always being improved in order to provide users with the best possible experience. Maintain awareness of the most recent breakthroughs, corrections of mistakes, and innovative functions that enhance your entertainment experience. To enhance user experience and prevent disruptions, it is recommended to periodically monitor authoritative sources for any upgrades and to consistently maintain the most recent version.

My Review About Philo MOD APK

For those looking for an affordable way to get premium content, the Philo Mod latest version offers a game-changing answer. Users may quickly navigate the platform’s architecture, and it provides a variety of content for those looking for entertainment. For fans of many sorts of entertainment, the absence of any compulsory subscription fees also increases its attractiveness. However, it is crucial for users to exercise caution when downloading and installing the application in order to ensure a safe and secure experience.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, using Philo Mod APK unlimited gives users access to a variety of entertainment options while relieving the financial burden brought on by subscription fees. This platform is a valuable addition to any entertainment library because of its simple design, real-time television streaming capabilities, and extensive content library.

However, it is essential for users to place the maximum emphasis on the safety and security elements while downloading and installing the application only from dependable and trustworthy sources. What is the justification for waiting, then? Get the Philo Mod Apk latest application and install it to start an unfettered journey of entertainment right from your electronic device. Enjoy readily available, high-quality content that is exclusive, removing recurrent expenses and embracing endless entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Philo Mod APK safe to use?

The use of Philo APK is generally regarded as secure; nonetheless, it is critical to download the application from trusted sources in order to mitigate potential security risks. It is recommended that you temporarily enable the “Unknown Sources” setting in order to install the application, and then disable it to improve security.

Will using Philo Mod APK affect my device’s warranty?

Utilizing third-party software could void your smartphone’s warranty if you use Philo Tv APK, for example. Before beginning the installation of the application, use caution and think about any potential repercussions.

Can I update Philo Tv APK within the app?

The application interface might not provide access to the availability of Philo tv APK updates. It is essential to consistently check trusted sites or forums to stay up to date on the latest updates, and to manually download them to ensure that you have the most recent version.

Do I need a subscription to use Philo Mod APK?

There is no membership needed to access the premium material on Philo APK. Since the service is free, there is no longer a need for recurring membership fees.

Is Philo APK available for iOS devices?

The Philo APK is currently primarily created for Android devices. There isn’t yet a version of the program made especially for iOS devices that has been officially released.

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