Telegram App: Download Telegram 8.2.6 for Android free 2021

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Telegram App: Download Telegram 8.2.6 for Android free 2021. The Telegram app is can be described as the one the most underrated app instant app for the android mobile phones. This app is developed and the offered by the telegram FZ LLC with the download space is very low size. In the telegram app is very pure messaging app with the focus on the highly speed and the security.

Download Telegram 8.2.6

Download Telegram App  8.2.6 for Android free 2021 . With the 250 million active user you will also sure to find your friend and the family members on the telegram app. This app can also be great alternative to messenger lite.


An internet connection It requires WIFI Connection is recommend
Location of device Access to Gallery
Identity Device Access External Storage

The developer added some most advance and the amazing feature may be it will helpful for you.


Feature Telegram App

  • Edit message :

You will also edit your message after the sending for those simple mistakes. To edit your message in the telegram, press and hold on the message to you will want to change. To edit a message in Telegram, press and hold on to the message you want to change. After a few seconds, a menu will be appears. The other will see on-screen indicator; they know you changed something.

  •  Chat folders:

Chat folders is the best and great feature because telegram is not just messaging . The telegram app is an open source of the platform which you will use the for the public discussion and a one way to the bored cast communication if you have to many channels to the main list, you can separate that from the work or the stuff and the family then the swipe between the tabs to the quickly access any of your the chat folder feature in the setting section which lets you create for the home and work.

  • Add chats:

You will open and the create folder you will see the notice add chats button. If your folder name is your telegram home where you will add your family members chat in the folder by the tapping your message chat. There one is main list and the other will be home which you created to the separate to the personal chat tabs from your channels you follow. You can also pin the chats to find the important chat from the screen. On this way you can immediately find your loved ones as well.

  • Video Screen sharing:

In the telegram you will share your device in the main screen during in the video call. This most advance and the amazing feature is only available for the video call. You just need to start the video call and you will top on the three dot button which is located in video chat space. Telegram will display .In few option you will need to select the select screen sharing.

  • Cloud storage /large files:

The telegram is cloud based on the messenger unlike the GbWhatsapp. People get to the access their messages from the several device at the one. Include tablets and the computers. There is also personal you will saved message the section on the app. let you it is a notepad.

  • Schedule messages:

In the telegram that you will be rarely find in the popular messaging app such as the messenger and the whatsapp. You can schedule messages but you can also edit him on the any time if you want to edit him. The maximum times  you will get to edit your text message is three days after they were sent this feature is only available on the telegram .you can use this feature on the private and the chat groups.

  • Archived box:

You can also make the archived contact and the messaging box. The telegram is better way to access to the hidden chats you will need to scroll until end of the chat window to find .there is no immediate to find the section.

download Telegram App

Telegram App Detrial:

Name App Telegram App
Version Android 4,3 or the above
Total Downloads 9,00000
Size App 45 mb
Last Updated 1 day  ago

Final Words:

I Will also hope that you will like the app of the Telegram App latest new version .This app is a additional Supply of the identical security and the plan of the official app of the Telegram  .As the result you will also want the more much excited and the more extra feature than put the Telegram apk on the your mobile .I will hope you will enjoy this post .You should review under by the giving star of the app you will be believe that the Telegram apk is the latest version and you will be enjoy with these feature of the Telegram apk android. You can also visit our site


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