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Fortnite Game is awesome and most famous game for the pc that will be run online and it also need to stable connection for the playing. you will be also need to most high level computer or the laptops for playing this game. this game is the most fun able game for the all user with its high graphics.


Game features:

it have many feature of the game with its awesome features please learn and read the all feature below:

Zero Build:

this is awesome feature of this game. you will be win without building, all the player of this game were have the recharging the overshield of their 1st line of the defense. all slide down to avoid from the enemy fire or also use the mantling will be get to the high ground of the opponents. PLZ do not forget for the sprint between cover on your way to for the victory Royale’

Drop into a new world:

the new island in this game you will be also explore the new location . also take the enemies down to with the new weapons and see everything in the  new maps.


The battle is building:

you will be also Explore of the large to destructible of the world where there are no two games at the same time and same platform , it have huge building in the forts, also find a lot loot and squad up with your friends to earn your victory Royale.

Express yourself:

Winning never goes out of style. all the cosmetic combination you will be create a new unique look to you and your squad.

Creative mode

You will be also design the game and also run the race around the island and also new battle friends the new modes in your dream of the Fortnite. you will be also create your own private island where you will be share your everything that you can made it.


XP beyond battle royale;

you will be also earn the form the accolades in the creative modes and now try it and also create the new incorporate the accolade in the your maps ,game ,and the experiences for the players to jumping in. That a best bettle Royale is not only place to have earn a XP awards to your battle pass.


Game details:

Battle Royale:
the game will be includes on best battle Royale are completely free on the 100 player on the PVP Mode. One giant map. A Battle Bus. Last one standing wins.

Save the World:
The Storm will be came without warning and 97% of the world’s population vanished. you will be also up to the 3 player leads to worlds remaining heroes in the battle field to save the world….

4K: in the Fortnite the 5k Ultra HD will not be available on the Xbox one or the Xbox search consoles.

Final word:

also the Enchanced feature for the Xbox one the game will be give or release of updated content. all of the game information at the


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