Calculator Vault -Download Calculator Vault App Hider App Locker for Android

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Calculator vault app is the one of best advance app. Which you will protect your data, picture and the videos and also hide contact. You will open hidden app, picture and the videos in the calculator vault or the interface in your mobiles. The calculator vault app will provides you to hidden function and you will import your picture into the gallery.

Calculator vault app

Other people can, not see these photos you will also browse the protected picture in your hider gallery. If you have a personal photos and the videos or the personal documents then you will put the calculator vault on your mobiles. That you will hide your picture and the videos hide easily that there is no one can see your personal data.

DOWNLOAD Calculator Vault App

Calculator Vault – App Hider-Hide Apps APK -App Locker for Android

Calculator Vault -Download Calculator Vault App Hider App Locker for Android. The calculator apps is work like as the calculator you will set the pin code when you will put the same code on the calculator app then calculator vault app is open automatically so you will not share your pin code that you will set on the calculator app.


Calculator vault app

Calculator Vault -Download Calculator Vault App Hider App Locker for Android

an internet connection It requires WIFI Connection is recommend
Location of device Access to Gallery
Identity Device                 Access External Storage

Calculator vault app feature:

  • Password protection:

When you open on the 1st time you will need to create the password.

  • Hidden app :

You can also hide your apps on the calculator vault. Also you will use the main interface in the phones.

  • Hidden the system calculator :

You will also hide your system calculator then you will calculator vault run like the system calculator.

  • How to use the calculator vault?

The 1st times to need to start or in the protect state, you do not need a pin to enter in the calculator vault app. Open the calculator vault app to set the password. Then you cannot start use to hide the apps.

  • How to hide the photos to calculator vault?

Click the calculator vault app hide to the interface gallery icon use by the” gallery module” and add the folder to create the folder to hide the select picture or the personal photos and the videos, then you click the save button to added the into private files.

  • How to delete app from the calculator vault?

By drag the long press on the screen you will also drag the application to deleted icon to hide the application.

Most advance feature of calculator vault app:

  • Hide all installed application.
  • Password protection
  • Hidden app could be used in the calculator vault also use the main interface from the mobile.
  • Just in the standard calculator open the calculator vault app
  • Hide notification
  • Hide recent app
  • Gallery module to hide picture
  • Play video and hide videos
  • Add shortcut and hide camera

Calculator vault app detail:

Version Android 4,3 or the above
Total Downloads 9,00000
size App
Last Updated 1 day  ago

Download Calculator Vault App Hider App Locker for Android click under the download button!

Download Calculator Vault App

Advantage and disadvantage of the calculator app:

  • Advantage:

There are more advantage you can use it protect your picture, videos and your personal documents.

  • Disadvantage:

The calculator vault app is no disadvantage by the using

Final Words:

I Will also hope that you will like the app of the Calculator vault app latest new version. As the result you will also want the more much executed and the more extra feature than put the Calculator vault app  on the your mobile .i will hope you will enjoy this post .You should review under by the giving star of the app you will be believe that the Calculator vault app is the latest version and you will be enjoy with these feature of the Calculator vault app .

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